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Why aren't the poles included?

Beachside Lighting does not sell poles with our torches for 3 main reasons:

1) Price.  Our physical location has higher plumbing fitting costs than most US-Mainland and other locations around the world.  Chances are the customer would be able to source the poles locally at a better price.

2) Cost of freight.  One-inch galvanized poles for gas torches and copper poles for kerosene models are very expensive to ship.  Not only is the weight a factor, but the odd sizing of the package also adds to the cost.  Protecting the poles to be free from damage during transit is also a factor.

3) Custom sizing.  Although we have a recommended height for poles, often customers will want the torches at different heights, or they will want the poles staggered if installed in pairs.  Evaluating every eventual torch location and being able to have that sized accordingly is preferable to receiving something too short or too long.  Galvanized pipe needs to be threaded on each end.