Parts & Accessories

  • The Traditional Tiki Torch Cap (TK-1-N-P-CAP) is a cap that prevents water from entering the torch from the top. Made from .043” thick copper, the 2” high cap has a bottom flare matching the contour of the torch cones, helping it to rest in place. While each copper gas torch head has (4) small holes drilled in the base to allow for drainage as standard, the Traditional Tiki Torch Cap (TK-1-N-P-CAP) prevents water from ever entering the torch head.
  • The Wick is made from 1-inch diameter braided cotton, 12 inches long.
  • The Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) is a two-part screen attached to the torch’s gas distribution cap and is sold as a replacement or spare for existing gas torches. The outer portion of the screen is made of 16-gauge, type 304 perforated stainless steel. The inner portion is 22-gauge perforated stainless steel and acts as a diffuser to deliver a single, lazy flame. The life expectancy of the Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) can vary greatly. Although it is stainless steel, heating ultimately weakens the corrosion resistance, making frequency of use a factor. Proximity to the ocean also is a variable in longevity. For example, the Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) on a torch used nightly at an oceanfront restaurant might have a three-year lifespan. The Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) on a torch at an inland residential location might last ten to fifteen years. The Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) is secured to the torch by an 8-32 stainless steel machine screw (included).
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