The Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) is a two-part screen attached to the torch’s gas distribution cap and is sold as a replacement or spare for existing gas torches. The outer portion of the screen is made of 16-gauge, type 304 perforated stainless steel. The inner portion is 22-gauge perforated stainless steel and acts as a diffuser to deliver a single, lazy flame. The life expectancy of the Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) can vary greatly. Although it is stainless steel, heating ultimately weakens the corrosion resistance, making frequency of use a factor. Proximity to the ocean also is a variable in longevity. For example, the Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) on a torch used nightly at an oceanfront restaurant might have a three-year lifespan. The Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) on a torch at an inland residential location might last ten to fifteen years. The Tiki Torch Screen (TK-SCREEN) is secured to the torch by an 8-32 stainless steel machine screw (included).