Tiki Torch Wick

Tiki Torch Wick


The Wick is made from 1-inch diameter braided cotton, 12 inches long.


What kind of gas does a gas tiki torch use?2021-07-23T09:48:08-10:00

A gas tiki torch will typically use Propane (LP), or Natural Gas.    The desired gas type needs to be specified.  To achieve the same flame height, each gas type varies in its incoming pressure, BTU consumption, as well as internal orifice sizes.

How much gas does a Natural Gas tiki torch consume?2021-07-23T09:47:32-10:00

Although the incoming gas pressure for a low pressure line can vary, at a typical 7” water column (.25 psi), a natural gas tiki torch will consume roughly 22,500 BTUs, producing a 12” – 15” high flame.

How much gas does a Propane Gas tiki torch consume?2021-08-10T16:51:16-10:00

At a typical low pressure setting of an 11” water column (.40 psi), a propane gas tiki torch will consume roughly 14,600 BTUs, producing a 12” – 15” flame.

How long will a single propane gas tiki torch burn using a 20 lb tank?2021-08-10T16:50:29-10:00

A tiki torch consuming 14,600 BTUs at a typical 11” water column and fed by a full 20 lb. propane tank, also referred to as a “grill” cylinder, should last more than 28 hours.

What type of tiki torch will last longest?2021-08-10T16:47:53-10:00

A tiki torch made from a corrosion resistant metal or alloy will last longest. This includes copper, brass, or a 300 series stainless steel.

What tiki torches are used at Hawaii’s hotels and resorts?2021-08-10T16:46:20-10:00

Most torches at Hawaii’s hotels and resorts are gas torches, using either synthetic natural gas (SNG) on O’ahu, or propane (LP) gas on other islands. Torches are typically either a standard conical shape, made from spun copper and supplied with brass fittings; or a decorative “Malama” series, which features various artistic designs burned into a cylinder made from 304 stainless steel, also supplied with other brass fittings.

What types of commercial grade tiki torches are available?2021-07-23T09:57:34-10:00

While there are manufacturers of specialized custom torches, some manufacturers offer cataloged items which include conical, cylindrical, and “bowl” shaped gas torches, set to operate on either natural or propane gas.

What makes a tiki torch “commercial” grade?2021-08-10T16:44:21-10:00

Any tiki torch built to withstand nightly use, including for hotel, resort, and restaurant applications would be considered commercial grade, but would require its components to be constructed out of corrosion resistant materials, such as copper, brass, and stainless steel.

How much light will a gas tiki torch provide?2021-08-10T16:43:10-10:00

The amount of light given off by a gas tiki torch is dictated by the flame height, which is dependent upon the gas consumption. A traditional conical tiki torch at a 2.3-meter mounting height, and 15” flame with no wind will deliver approximately .48 footcandles (5.17 lux) at a 1 meter radius from the pole. At a 5-meter radius, the light level drops to .13 footcandles (1.4 lux).

How wind resistant are gas tiki torches?2021-08-10T16:41:55-10:00

Wind resistance of gas tiki torches is dependent upon the gas consumption. A typical natural gas torch using 22,500 BTUs / hour (producing a 12” – 15” flame height with no wind) has remain lit after being tested in 40 mph winds at CSA’s Irvine, California facility. However, winds greater than 15 mph will reduce the brilliance of the flame, with the wind possibly making it difficult to even enjoy the outdoors at that level.


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