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Traditional Copper Hawaiian Tiki Torch – Propane



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  • TK-1-P
  • TK-1-P at Westin Resort, Tumon Bay, Guam
  • TK-1-P at a Residence, Kailua, O'ahu, Hawai'i
  • TK-1-P in Waikiki, O'ahu, Hawai'i
  • TK-1-P


Beachside Lighting's TK-1-P is a traditional, cone-shaped, copper tiki torch head for use with liquid propane gas. Made of 18-gauge spun (seamless) copper, the CSA design-certified torch has all-brass internal fittings and a perforated stainless steel diffuser surrounding the burner. The TK-1-P torch head is sold individually and is supplied with a 1" shut-off valve. It has a 1" NPT female fitting at the bottom for mounting onto standard 1" galvanized pipe (not included). The TK-1-P burns approximately 14,600 BTUs per hour at the standard (11" water column) pressure used for most barbecues and other appliances, giving it a 12" - 15" flame. While it is most often installed as a permanent part of the landscape, the TK-1-P can be used with a portable propane tank, provided a regulator is used and that the torch pole supporting the head is stabilized. This torch model is used extensively throughout Hawaii, the Pacific, the Florida Keys, and at various resorts in the Caribbean. Beachside manufactures and sells the torch head only. Poles are not included.  Why aren't the poles included?

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